Warheads Galactic Mix Cubes

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"A Celestial of the sour kind; will you fall into BLACK HOLE CHERRY, get a COSMIC PUNCH of dark matter or ride the ROCKET RASPBERRY to the pink side of the moon? You won't know 'til you take your first bite." Signed - Space Wally. The idea here, they're all the exact same color and shape outside, so biting in is the only way to tell them apart aside from seeing the colors through where the blue candy dust outside has flaked off on some pieces. These look like actual space rocks or, at the least, some kind of cool rock that you'd get at a gift shop at a zoo in 2nd grade.


The flavors are unmistakable and delicious for all three; they taste exactly like they're suppose to. The real kicker is the sour aspect. I've read and heard some say these are extremely sour. I have to disagree. I'm relatively sensitive to sour candy and mostly steer away from anything that isn't on the Sour Patch Kids scale of sour, but these aren’t even close to that which is strange for Warheads. An added bonus (in my eyes), after eating only two, my S/O and I noticed right away the drastic change of mouth color from the blue outside coating! Legitimately, 2 of them did this to me. The coloring really sticks to your teeth and mouth after a few bites; It kind of reminds me of that death scene from The 5th Element with that blue opera alien.

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